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i want to but will never own this (*﹏*๑) Danistheman

Vinyls that are too expensive but maybe one day might put on my collection

about 3 hours ago
Vinyls shogunsalad

about 3 hours ago
Cassettes shogunsalad

about 3 hours ago
CDs shogunsalad

about 3 hours ago
Collection list jjp2d

about 6 hours ago
Lost songs (1957-1966) Mister-Suitcase

This is a list of songs that don't have the audio of them available on the internet.

about 7 hours ago
Queen ArendVelvet

about 11 hours ago
📀💿 12″ soulandgroove

about 12 hours ago
(Doppel-)MC's zu verkaufen bege1966

about 12 hours ago

about 13 hours ago
selling DiscoAthletico

about 14 hours ago
Maxis 12" Coleccion joigce

about 15 hours ago
Tax Scam Labels roamingrecords

about 15 hours ago
Christmas Superfreak3

Christmas music, primarily from the 40's-70's. I have most of these in digital format but looking to buy some of the vinyl variety. If you have...

about 15 hours ago
Technical Thrash Metal 6ThomasThrash6

Technical Thrash. Well-known and obscure Not on Discogs database: - Blasted - So Near and Yet Too Far (1989) - Fragrant Experiment - As Man...

about 17 hours ago
Krämer's Affair @ 674.fm - 30.04.2023 kraemer.koelsch

Krämer's Affair @ 674.fm - 30.04.2023 3 hour radio show by kraemer.koelsch + Schwippi at the new 674.fm studio at Ubierring, Cologne. Strictly...

about 17 hours ago
1.5.2023 Ilmari

Äxästä tilatut CD:t yht. 64€ á 4€

about 18 hours ago
GOA & PSY sonopictorial

about 18 hours ago
Most expensive items sold in Discogs Marketplace for March 2023 discogs

about 22 hours ago
Trance with benefits kvrk

about 22 hours ago
Conductor Box Sets sharp315

about 23 hours ago
Brahms sharp315

about 23 hours ago
Ghost Stormshade

Ghost collection

about 24 hours ago
Polish jazz antunp1998

1 day ago
Packaging: Records with added swag soulchap

Cracker Jack prizes. This list will not include the following: • Releases that include another item that would be covered in the Formats (a flexi...

1 day ago