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A picture of a person digging through record crates at a record store.

Support Independent Record Stores

Independent record stores are the backbone of vinyl culture. That’s why Discogs created this destination showcasing the importance of record stores throughout the global vinyl community.

Explore the directory

Discogs’ new independent record directory is much more than just a map. It’s a gateway to discovering record stores around the world. You can learn more about a store from its owner, understand the genres and formats they carry, view photos, see their hours of operation, and show your support by purchasing through their Discogs shop. If you are on the hunt for particular records, the directory will help connect you with the stores that carry them!

Record Store Features

Look for the badge

A new badge in the Discogs Marketplace makes it easier for you to support independent shops online. Sellers with the Certified Independent Record Store badge have their online Discogs storefront connected to a physical record store. You can virtually flip through their bins and purchase items, even if you’re thousands of miles away.

More Ways to Discover

people digging through crates inside of a record store


Find out more about the impact of brick-and-mortar shops on vinyl culture.

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City Guides

Take a stroll through curated lists of exceptional record stores around the world.

collage of three album covers

Music Discovery

Listen to music recommended by stores and based on your favorite albums.

A colorful photo of a person digging for records in a record store

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