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Get started on Discogs

Discogs is the world’s largest music database and marketplace, and signing up for an account is free! No membership fees and no trial periods – just useful tools for buying, selling, and discovering music.

What is Discogs?

Discogs is an online database and marketplace of music releases that helps every user connect with music in a more personal and meaningful way. 


With a free Discogs account, you gain access to exclusive tools and features that will deepen your relationship with music. Use the Collection tool to catalog what you own and keep tabs on current market value. Add items to your Wantlist to be notified when the music you’re looking for is available in the Marketplace.



Support independent sellers, record stores, and fellow music fans as you search for releases and add to your collection. With over 63 million items listed for sale in the Marketplace, collecting physical formats like vinyl, CDs, cassettes, and more has never been easier.


The Marketplace connects buyers and sellers across the world. With all of the user-contributed information in the Database, it’s easy to list items for sale with zero listing fees. Your inventory will be accessible to a community of genuinely passionate music lovers!



With the help of over 602,000 contributors since 2000, Discogs’ user-built database is the largest, most accurate discography of recorded music. Add your unique items to the Database, which already includes over 15 million releases and over 8 million artists cataloged.

Join the Community

Meticulous database submission experts, obscure music aficionados, dollar-bin divers, aspiring collectors, savvy store owners, and you all have two things in common: you love music and you’re on Discogs.